Mr. Sunil Telkar, Founder & Partner of Aspiro Consulting was invited by BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT) to be a part of the expert panel to discuss the topic “Industry-ready Engineers” on 4th March 2017 at their campus.

Over 200 students from Mechanical Engineering department of BMSIT attended the event and gained insights through active interaction with the panel.

Sunil shared his thoughts on the gap between the quality of engineers being produced by the educational institutes and the quality desired by the corporates. While he emphasized on the inclusion of Campus-to-Corporate kind of courses as a part of the curriculum, he also provided some guidance to some students on planning their careers.

Author: Sunil Telkar
Sunil is a multilingual engineer with dual post graduation in Management & Business Laws. He has around two decades of rich experience in the field of Project Management & Business Development in large MNC's of non-IT sector. A former Senior Champion at PMI India and Management Committee member at the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce, he currently manages a few startups including Aspiro Consulting LLP.